Osmington Trip


Year 5 pupils, together with Miss Gillam and Miss Wells, have arrived at Osmington Bay. They have just had dinner and are getting ready for Miss Gillam's Room Inspection!


Everyone's had a very tiring day exploring the beach and investigating rock pools, and improving their archery and ICT skills. They have just eaten a hearty dinner and are getting themselves ready to embark on the evening activity. Miss Gillam believes that everyone will sleep soundly tonight!


Although the day began with quite a bit of rain this didn't detract from the activities. Everyone had a good time fencing and abseiling. By mid-day the sun had come out and it was back to the beach and surrounding woodlands to investigate mini-beasts and their habitats.

Having just consumed a hearty dinner the day is due to end with a scavenger hunt. As expected Miss Gillam, who is very competetive, is really looking forward to this challenge!


Today has been very busy: problem solving using ICT, exercises on the giant swing and exploring Osmington Village and the local countryside. Everyone's just eaten dinner and all are getting themselves ready. There's a definite sense of excitement and anticipation because it's Disco Night! Miss Gillam, as you will guess, is preparing to take to the dance floor!

Tomorrow, the plan is to pack and tidy the rooms, take to the walls and have a go at climbing and then finally have lunch. Miss Gillam anticipates a 1.30pm departure, which should, depending upon the traffic, result in a 5.30pm return to BVS.

Updates regarding the journey will be posted on the BVS website throughout the afternoon.



The coach left on time and is currently on target to be arriving at BVS at 5.30pm.


The estimated time of arrival is now 5.45pm.


The coach is currently delayed in traffic in Oxford.

The estimated time of arrival is now 6.15pm.


The coach is now moving and is on the M40.

The estimated time of arrival remains 6.15pm.


The coach is arriving at any minute!

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