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Our approach to learning at BVS is to get all of our children interested and engaged, where they see a purpose in what they are learning. We focus on developing the basic skills of Mathematics, Reading and Writing and incorporate an exciting Theme based approach to learning that encourages creativity in the classroom.

No one can currently predict the nature of work that will be available for our children by the time that they are adults.  Many jobs that they will have probably do not exist yet, especially in the fields of ICT, Technology and Science. Our curriculum has developed from the 'International Primary Curriculum' and it is innovative, exciting and creative. It focuses on developing adaptable and resilient globally-minded learners, prepared for the fast-changing world that they will be living in. Please click on the link for more information.

  1. Autumn 2018 Curriculum Newsletter Year 3
  2. Autumn 2018 Curriculum Newsletter Year 4
  3. Autumn 2018 Curriculum Newsletter Year 5
  4. Autumn 2018 Curriculum Newsletter Year 6
  5. Progression in Maths Written Methods at BVS
  6. A Parents Guide to the New National Curriculum
  7. Curriculum Overview from September 2014
  8. Yr 3 Autumn Learning Overview It's raining cats and chocolate
  9. Yr 3 Spring Learning Overview Its all Greek to me
  10. Yr 3 Summer Learning Overview A Mammoth Task
  11. Yr 4 Autumn Learning Overview Bang
  12. Yr 4 Spring Learning Overview Framed
  13. Yr 4 Summer Learning Overview Magiovinium
  14. Yr 5 Autumn Learning Overview Invasion Invasion Invasion
  15. Yr 5 Spring Learning Overview Every cloud
  16. Yr 5 Summer Learning Overview I want my Mummy!
  17. Yr 6 Autumn Learning Overview I feel good
  18. Yr 6 Spring Learning Overview To infinity and beyond
  19. Yr 6 Summer Learning Overview De l'Afrique
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