Say 'No!' to Bullies


Every year BVS takes part in the national Anti Bullying Week and the children at Bradwell Village spend the week exploring the issues concerning bullying. However, staff and pupils are always on the, 'look out' for any signs of bullying.

Mrs Kennington’s dog, Archie, was bullied when he was a puppy by his much smaller sisters, who would push him out the way when the food bowls appeared and they would take his toys away from him. Archie has never really recovered from these experiences. Although he’s now a grown up dog he runs away if a cat appears, he refuses to move if a snail crosses his path and if he sees another dog in the distance when he’s out on a walk, he lays flat on the ground because he thinks no one can see him.

Bullying has lasting consequences. Sometimes people don’t realise that their actions are hurting others. Emily has written a poem about the trauma suffered by the victim of bullying.

Bullying by Emily Howarth

I glance across the playground.
No friends.
Tears come to my eyes. I brush them away.
No friends.

The bully greets me with a sly smile.
She took my friends.
She was once my friend.
But she took my friends away.

The sound of laughter fills the air.
That was once me.
Shrieks and screams of joy too.
That was once me.

If only the bully knew me well,
She would stop,
She would stop,
She would stop.


See below for the Anti-Bullying Guidance written by the BVS Brad's Buddies.
  1. BVS Anti-Bullying Leaflet
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