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Send My Friend to School Campaign

On Monday 20th April we were visited by James Simmonds, a Year 10 student from Stantonbury Campus, who has been spearheading the ‘Send My Friend to School Campaign’. Jacob Cusack and Trey-Daniel Kwayie from Year 4 took the opportunity to interview James. Please click here to listen to their interview.
James led our school assembly to tell us all about the 'Send My Friend to School Campaign' and to explain what we could do to help ensure all children, wherever they might live, have the opportunity to go to school.

Together with Bethany Law, a fellow Stantonbury student, James won the Steve Sinnott Award to be the Young Global Education Campaigners of the Year. James and Bethany travelled to Tanzania to investigate how far this African country has progressed to providing primary education for all children. They also had the opportunity to attend the G20 summit of world leaders which was held in London on 2nd April.

If you would like to find out more about the Send My Friend to School Campaign, the work being done by James and Bethany, plus James's blog whilst at the G20 Summit, please click here.