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Ducklings visit BVS

A new adventure for BVS as we hatched ducklings. 

On 2nd March, we were very excited when 5 duckling eggs arrived at BVS. They were well travelled eggs, coming all the way from Kent to meet us! We held our breath as we waited for the first egg to hatch. By Wednesday, we were the proud parents of 5 happy, healthy (and noisy) ducklings.

Luckily, the ducklings wanted plenty of cuddles from us. If we held them just right, often they would fall asleep in our hands.

We took the ducklings for their first swim, using a paddling pool for them to splash around in.

Brad Bear got involved too and came to see the ducklings. They all surrounded Brad and wanted to have cuddles with him!

We were sad to say goodbye to our ducklings. However, we are really happy knowing that they have found a new home with other ducks, geese and chickens. We are going to be sent regular updates on how they are getting on and we cannot wait to see how much they continue to grow.

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