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Homework wc 8th June

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Year 3 Homework  

Year 3 timetable week beginning 8th June

1. Fact or opinion

2. Sun safety reading comp

3. Teeth questions

4. Converting-Time-Colour-By-Numbers

5. Battleship Instructions

5. Coordinate-Battleships---Differentiated

6. Design a football shirt football shirt template

Year 4 Homework

Year 4 timetable week beginning 8th June

1. Sentence types

2. Tangrams

3. Rainbows

4. Homophones

5. Division

6. Scanning

7. Inverse

8. Places of worship

9. RWI.HBS guided reading

9a. CH.KM guided reading

10. Ultimate times table challenge

11. Healthy eating

12. Postcard template

13. Plotting UK cities


5a. Division answers

Year 5 Homework

Year 5 timetable week beginning 8th June

1. Reading Comprehension

2. Activity 1 Maths EH group

2. Activity 1 Maths LJV and GA group

3. Activity 2 Maths

4. Activity 3 Maths

5. Activity 4 Maths

6. How many positives

7. Keywords for Music lessons


Answers Maths 1 2 3

Answers for Parents for Activity 4

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 timetable week beginning 8th June

E1a The Demon Headmaster

E1b Comprehension Questions

E2 Short Film Questions

E3a The Piano example

E3b Eye of the Storm Example

E4a The Piano Planning sheet

E4b Eye of the Storm Planning Sheet

E4c Language Features sheet

E4d Punctuation sheet

M2a Arithmetic Paper 1

M3a Add up to 20

M4a Counter Reflection

T1a Fossils

T1b Fossils Questions


E1c Comprehension Answers

M2b Arithmetic Paper 1 - Mark Scheme

M3b Add up to 20 Answer

M4b Counter Reflection Answer