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Creative History Week

This term’s Creative Week has an historical theme. Throughout the week the children have been investigating the past. In order to capture a glimpse of days gone by we have enlisted the help of the renowned Time Traveller, Dr Who, who, accompanied by his glamorous assistant, Alana, has been touring BVS to find exactly what has been going on.

Dr Who

Back in Time!

The different Year Groups have been focusing upon different historical periods. Year 3 have been studying the Ancient Greeks, Year 4 the Romans, Year 5 the Tudors and Year 6 have concentrated on the dramatic times of World War II.

Wednesday saw everybody, including staff, taking on the guise of historical characters. On Friday we will be holding a Discovery Assembly to share experiences. We will also be burying our Time Capsule in the hope that people from the future will learn about life at BVS during the early years of the twentieth century. If you would like to see more pictures please click here to visit our Gallery. If you would like to hear Alex and Alana's interviews please click here.
The culmination of the week was on Friday afternoon when Miss James turned the BVS Hall into the BVS Museum. Click here if you would like to see some pictures of the exhibits. Throughout the afternoon Dr Who and his Glamorous Assistant interviewed Museum visitors for BearWaves. Click here if you would like to hear some of their interviews.