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Pet Week

Monday, April 13th, saw the start of Pet Week for Years 3 & 4.

 Throughout the week the curriculum was taught using the theme of 'Pets'.

On Monday we had visits from two Guide Dogs: Peter and Keeta. The children learnt about how the dogs were trained and the difference they can make for someone who is visually impaired. They also met Mac, a Cocker Spaniel, who came in to be groomed.

Throughout the week we had a visit from a number of experts and a variety of animals. In addition to  dog grooming and guide dogs, the children also learnt about pet first aid, dog training, rescued animals, caring for rabbits and cats and how to keep animals healthy. They also went on a Bug Hunt!

Everyone learnt a great deal as well as having a fantastic time. If you would like to see some further pictures please click here to go to our Gallery.