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Summer 2015 Creative Fortnight

Monday, May 11th saw the start of our Summer Term Creative Fortnight. The focus was Mathematics.

This term our Creative Fortnight had a mathematical focus:

  • Year 3  -  Matthew Collins, Mondrian, Jasper Johns & Number Trees
  • Year 4  -  Da Vinci, Proportion, Roman Numerals & Tesserae
  • Year 5  -  Van Gogh, Pyramids, Geometry & Architecture
  • Year 6  -  Escher, Fibonacci, Hepworth, Anish Kapoor & Algebra 

The fortnight ended on Friday 22nd May, between 2.15pm and 3.30pm, when we held an exhibition of the children’s work. In the hall some of the children demonstrated a few of the things they had learnt and parents were able to tour around each Year Group to admire the children’s hard work and talent.

Many thanks to all the parents who came into BVS over the Creative Fortnight!