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2016 Pet Week

The first week back after the Easter holidays saw the return of our very popular Pet Week for Years 3 & 4. Throughout the week the curriculum was taught using the theme of 'Pets' and we had visits from a number of experts and a variety of animals.

 Pet Week proved a huge success and we have a great many people who we need to thank.

Jackie and Rebekah from the Weedon Hedgehog Rescue Centre brought in two rescued hedgehogs. Gemma Dingle from Dogs Trust and Kelly from Cats Protection came in to talk to the children. Cat Dickson brought in her Shenleyvale Shih-tzus: Monty, Modi, Donatella, Mr T, Gino and Tia. Mr & Mrs Thomson came in with their dog Pippin. Mark Hill from Zoetis Animal Health came in to talk about fleas and worms. Sandra from the RSPCA brought in a rescued baby rabbit who has been named Hector by Stephan from 4LJV. Hector has now been adopted by Mrs Miller!

On Thursday we were visited by Cooper a St Bernard and Mrs Gray kindly brought in Millie, her Chihuahua. Mr Read’s Dalmatian, Nelson also paid us a visit as did Mrs Chamber’s bunny, Yoshi and Haribo the hamster.

In addition we need to thank Dominic Dyer from the Badgers Trust and Born Free Foundation, Jo Hinde from the Rabbit Welfare Association and Louise and Emily veterinary nurses from Vets4Pets.

Mrs Miller spent a considerable amount of time ensuring this year’s Pet Week was the best ever. She managed to persuade a great many animal companies and organisations to provide samples, leaflets and prizes for the children.

It was a brilliant week; once again may thanks for everyone’s help!

Pet Week


Eryn De Wijngaert

On Monday we found out a lot of facts about cats and dogs and we met some rescued hedgehogs. On Tuesday we met some Shih-tzu dogs who had a great deal of energy and jumped out of their cage. We all stroked them and Monty lay on his back and we stroked his tummy!

Wednesday was all about pet first aid. We all brought in some soft toys and a veterinary nurse showed us how to bandage pet injuries. Thursday saw us meeting Cooper, a St Bernard (he dribbled a lot) and Millie a Chihuahua. On Friday we found out about endangered species, particularly badgers and in the afternoon we had a special assembly with a giant rabbit. I think this was a member of staff dressed up!

Pet Week


Mahad Mohamed

Pet week was great fun. It was organised by Mrs Miller and must have taken a great deal of work and time. We had a lot of visitors who told us a great deal about animals and how to care for them. The best thing was the number of animals who came in. I particularly liked Nelson, Mr Read’s Dalmatian; he was very naughty!