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Tips to help anxiety

We know this is a very difficult time for our children and families at BVS. 

Mrs Puddephatt has passed on some information and guidance. 

You are not alone, lots of children are feeling this way.

Keeping a good routine is vital for children to feel safe and in control, especially at the moment when we feel we have little control.

Exercise, sleep and a good diet are also very important.

Start a diary that you can share if you want to, about how you are feeling and what you are looking forward to doing with your friends when school reopens.

Working on self-esteem is really important for everyone, so small exercises like writing lots of positive things on post-its and discuss them: I am good at drawing; I make people laugh etc.

You can draw balloons and fill in each one with different positive statements-I’m a good friend because…you may initially prefer to use one step removed and what you think makes a good friend.

There are a few websites that have good tips to use at this awful time:

Every mind matters- there is some good advice regarding Coronavirus-


Kooth-offers online support-

Action for Happiness-


Young Minds-