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Curriculum Intent

At Bradwell Village School we want to ensure that our curriculum is not only tailored to our pupils’ interests and needs. It also focuses on developing adaptable and resilient globally-minded learners, prepared for the fast-changing world that they will be living in. We believe in providing our pupils with a carefully sequenced knowledge rich curriculum which promotes excellent outcomes for all. The curriculum is ambitious in order to provide opportunities for the pupils living in a diverse part of Milton Keynes.

We recognise that children make greater progress when they are able to make links with their previous learning and have thought carefully about how our curriculum is sequenced to ensure it is progressive and builds on prior knowledge.

An essential element of our curriculum is the development of a broad and rich vocabulary, and the ambitious and explicit teaching of this.  We ensure staff are using age appropriate key terminology to develop subject specific expertise and address the ‘word gap’ for children who enter school with a limited vocabulary. To support this, we ensure key vocabulary is displayed in the classroom and referred to consistently, as well as the use of knowledge organisers to use as a point of reference whilst developing the children’s independence. We also place a high importance on the development of reading, as the ability to read enables children to take advantage of the wide range of learning opportunities in school and is a skill for life.

Each term at Bradwell Village school the children participate in creative weeks. The purpose of our creative weeks is to provide learning opportunities to encourage creativity and provide meaningful links to the wider world.   We recognise that our pupils have a diverse background and we want to provide exposure to a variety of experiences such as science, technology and the arts to broaden opportunities in life.

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