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Rabbit Awareness Month

For many children rabbits and other small furry creatures such as hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs are often  the choice of their first pet. Living anything from 5-10years rabbits and guinea pigs are seen as more of a long term commitment compared with their smaller counterparts. As May is Rabbit Awareness Month what better way is there than to start the Village Vet School with a project centred on caring for rabbits and other small furry pets. Over the next few weeks the children will be learning all about the responsibilities of pet ownership starting with basic rabbit care. We'll focus on vaccinations, suitable housing, bedding and exercise, alongside daily essentials such as food, water, grooming and of course love! At the end of the project all the children will be asked to design a hutch and run that caters for all bunnies needs with the winning design winning a prize!


Say hello to Bella and Frederick who share their home with Jaci from Midsummer and her 7 cats. They’re nearly 2 years old now and found their forever home with her almost a year ago after both had been abandoned by their previous owners.