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2019/2020 Season results


vs Bushfield (5/6)       BVS 7-1 Bushfield

 vs Southwood  (5/6)  BVS 8-1 Southwood

 vs Stanton (5/6 girls)  BVS 1-6 Stanton

vs Loughton (5/6)         BVS 7-1 Loughton

vs Staton (5/6 girls)      BVS 1-4 Stanton

MK Dons EFL Cup (5/6)   2nd place BVS move on into the next round

MK Dons EFL Cup finals (5/6)   3rd in group stage


MK Dons Football Trial              4 children selected for district team

                                                       (Riley, Felami, Tom Co, Ethan O-A)

Korfball                                         4 children selected for district team

                                                        (Riley, Felami, Ashanta, Marielle)



Basketball Year 5/6                     3rd

Korfball Year 5/6                         1st, 1st, 1st (qualified for nationals)

Cross Country                              Variation of results from students.

Girls Cross Country                     Variation of results from students.

Basketball Year ¾                         2nd

Basketball Year 5/6 finals            2nd

Indoor Athletics                            1st Qualifying for the finals

Dodgeball Vs Stanton                  Win

Indoor Athletics Finals                 4th (qualified for County)

Dodgeball                                       1st Qualifying for finals