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The Value of Maths

In this section you will find out the value of this subject.  How learning about it can affect your future. 

Reasons to learn Maths.

Maths isn't just an important subject in school — it’s essential for many of our daily tasks. We use it every day to perform real-life skills, like grocery shopping, cooking and tracking your finances. 

What makes Maths special is that it’s a universal language — a powerful tool with the same meaning across the globe. Languages can divide our world whereas numbers unite us. Maths allows us to work together towards solving problems or creating new innovations and ideas. 

Why is Maths so important in life?

There is not a day where we don’t use some form of Maths.

We need to understand Maths to help us to cook and bake or when to leave home to get to school on time. Financial literacy is an incredibly important too. It will help you to budget or save especially when changing careers or buying a home. 

Mathematical knowledge may even be connected increased understanding and regulation of our emotions, improved memory and better problem-solving skills.

Maths promotes healthy brain function.  “Use it or lose it.” We hear this said about many skills, and Maths is no exception. Solving Maths problems and improving our Maths skills gives our brain a good workout.


Maths improves our problem-solving and logical thinking skills. Worded problems teach us to identify the important information and then manipulate it to arrive at a solution. It also helps us to think “outside the box”.  This in turn helps develop our creative thinking.

There is an increasing number of jobs that require a basic understanding of Maths. Some need a high level such as architects, accountants, and scientists. Many other professionals use Maths skills every day to complete their jobs. Fashion Designers to measure fabric and create new images.  Post people use it to calculate how long it will take them to walk their new route. Graphic designers use Maths to figure out the appropriate scale and proportions in their designs. Video Artists need it to calculate the length of a video and the amount of audio to merge. Other carers include teaching, nursing, mechanics and engineering. 

Lastly, Maths is fun. 

The world is your oyster if you chose Maths