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Homework wc 11th May

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Year 3 Homework 

Year 3 timetable week beginning 11th May

a. Ramadan Reading Comp

b. Stained Glass Fractions

c. Tally Charts

d. Design-a-van

e. Parks Trust Baby name challenge

Year 4 Homework

Year 4 timetable week beginning 11th May

1. Features to find

1. Goldilocks-and-the-three-bears-Play-script

2. Plan for script

3. Template for script

4. The Romans reading comprehension questions

4. The Romans reading comprehension text all groups 

5. Roman armour and weapons reading comprehension

6. Italian menu for money problems

6. Money word problems

7. Scales

8. Maths problem solving activities

9. Co-ordinates activity

10. Co-ordinates challenge

11. PSHE  reasons to be grateful

12. Word focus

13. Comic strip template 

13. Romulus and Remus 


The Romans reading comprehension answers

Year 5 Homework

Year 5 timetable week beginning 11th May

1 Mental add,subtract

2 Factors

3 negative-numbers game

4 Roman-numerals-quiz including ANSWERS

5 Poetry Questions

6 What do you want to be - Poem

7 Lava Lamp


Answers 1 mental add,subtract

Answers 2 to factors

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 timetable week beginning 11th May

1. Five Children and It reading comprehension

1a. test-yourself-tastic

2. Psammeads description

4a. Data collection


1. Comprehension answers

1a test-yourself-tastic answers