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Homework wc 29th June

Click here for the Home Learning page, packed with a variety of activities.

Please send any completed work to your teacher, via email. The full list can be found here.

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Year 3 Homework  

Year 3 weekly timetable week beginning 29th June

1. Writing - The Tiny Dragon

2. Poetry reading comprehension - The Sound Keeper Poem Questions & Answers

2. Poetry reading comprehension - The Sound Keeper Poem

3. SPAG worksheets 

4. Continents

Year 4 Homework

Year 4 weekly timetable week beginning 29th June

1. Persuasive letter comprehension

2. Mental maths questions and answers

2a. Mental maths answer sheet

3. Shadows

4. Persuasive writing plan

4a Persuasive writing word bank

5. Arithmetic questions

7. Lined paper

8. Reasoning questions

9. French weather cards

10. Checklist

11. Ultimate times table challenge

12. A-Z countries

13. Lined paper

14. Telling time 

15. Fact file


3a. Shadows answers

5a. Answers

8a. Answers

Year 5 Homework

Year 5 weekly timetable week beginning 29th June

Activity 1 Maths

Activity 2 Maths Miss Harris' group

Activity 2 Maths Miss Vivian and Mrs Adam's group

Activity 3 and 4 Maths

Creative Writing

Possessive nouns help sheet

Possessive nouns

Reading comprehension Miss Harris

Reading comprehension Miss Vivian

Reading comprehension Mrs Adams

Roy Lichtenstien

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 weekly timetable week beginning 29th June

E1a Dear Norman

E1b Dear Norman Questions

E1c The Earthship

E1d The Earthship Questions

E2a The Teacher

E3 Vocabulary sheet:

E4a Features of an information text: 

E4b Punctuation sheet

M2a Arithmetic Paper 4

M3a Brain Teaser

M4a 10 Question Challenge 3

T1a Variation and Characteristics

T1b Variation and Characteristics Worksheet

T1c Mr Men Game

T2a COVID-19 Poster Design Competition

T2b Poster Entry Form


E1e Reading Answers

E2b The Teacher Answers

M2b Arithmetic Paper 4 - Mark Scheme

M3b Brain Teaser Answer: 

M4b 10 Question Challenge 3 Answers