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Homework wc 2nd May

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Year 3 Homework 

Year 3 timetable wc 4th May 

a. Reading Comprehension - VE Day

b. Task - VE Day

Year 4 Homework

Year 4 timetable wc 4th May 

1. The Jabberwocky poem

2. The Jabberwocky questions

3. Rosa Parks comprehension

4. Data collection and bar graph

5. KM Symmetry

6. Fractions of amounts

6a. Fractions of amounts answers

7. Poem types

8. Science - finding appliances

9. I am amazing

Year 5 Homework

Year 5 timetable wc 4th May 

1.English 1 VE Day Comprehension

2.English 2 word-definition

3.English 3 Handwriting and sentence work.

4.English 4 Grammar 

5.English 5 Creative Writing.

6.Addition Board Game

7.Maths Activity 4 and 5

8.Keywords for Music lessons

9.Year 5 Checklist for children


English 1 VE Day Comprehension answers for parents

English 4 Grammar answers for parents

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 timetable wc 4th May 

1. Reading-Booklet-The-Holiday

1b. Reading Question booklet

2a. Fossils 1 star

2b. Fossils 2 stars

2c. Fossils 3 stars

3. ArithmeticPaper3

4. Maths 1 (A mixed up clock)

5a. Example newsletter


1. Answer-Booklet-The-Holiday

1. Mark-Scheme-The-Holiday

2a. Fossil 1 star answers

2b. Fossil 2 star answers

2c. Fossil 3 star answers

4. Maths 2 mixed up clock solution