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Homework wc 6th July

Click here for the Home Learning page, packed with a variety of activities.

Please send any completed work to your teacher, via email. The full list can be found here.

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Year 3 Homework  

Year 3 timetable week beginning 6th July



2. Statistics

3. Your Digestive System

4. Addition Worksheet JT

4. Addition Worksheet JW

4. Addition Worksheet TB

5. Garden Birds Worksheets

6. Multiplication Square 0 to 9

6. Multiplication square 2 to 12

7. SPAG - direct and indirect speech

Year 4 Homework

Year 4 timetable week beginning 6th July

1. Setting planning sheet

2. Ultimate times table challenge

3. PSHE. Transition

4. Character planning sheet

5. Addition.subtraction

5b. Squared paper 

6. Map of school

6a. Sports day checklist

7. Problem and solution

8. Multiplication.division

8b. Squared paper

9. Climate change information

9a. Climate change word search 

11. Mixed word problems

11b. Squared paper

12. Temperature bar graph

13. Blurb planning sheet

14. Adding and subtracting fractions

15. Nature hunt 


5a. Addition.subtraction answers

8a. Multiplication. division answers

11a. Mixed word problems answers

Year 5 Homework

Year 5 timetable week beginning 6th July

1. Explain your Answers using Evidence from the Text KS2 Reading

2. Prefixes

3. Suffixes

4. Year 5 Area and Perimeter

5. Year 5 Measure Perimeter 1

6. Year-5-Measure-Perimeter

7. Ultimate-times-tables-challenge

8. UK Cities

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 timetable week beginning 6th July 

E1a Superheroes

E1b The Further Adventures of Souperkid

E1c Special Effects

E3a Written Example

E3b Features List

E3c Planning Sheet

E4 Punctuation Checklist

M2a Arithmetic Paper 5

M3a Brain Teaser 1:

M3c Brain Teaser 2:

M3e Brain Teaser 3:

M3g Brain Teaser 4:

M3i Power Square 1:

M3j Power Square 2:

M4a 10 Question Challenge 4

T1 Be Awesome Go Big Workbook

T2 Links for Be Awesome Go Big Session videos

T3 Session 1-Being awesome

T4 Session 2-Unlocking your mind

T5 Session 3-Dare to take risks

T6 Session 4-Making the change


E1d Reading Answers

M2b Arithmetic Paper 5 - Mark Scheme

M3b Brain Teaser 1 Answer:

M3d Brain Teaser 2 Answer:

M3f Brain Teaser 3 Answer:

M3h Brain Teaser 4 Answer:

M4b 10 Question Challenge 4 Answers